Letter: Behind the Initiative

Letter to the Editor

How much has Rob Reiner spent on his “takeover Malibu” initiative? We learned earlier in the year that the Reiners had started soliciting their wealthy celebrity friends in Malibu for additional campaign funds for their initiative.

Back in April, the Reiners had committed to contributing $100,000 for the effort. Not a small amount by any stretch, and clearly Rob and Michele Reiner can afford it.

It got me thinking, I wonder how much the Reiners will spend on this campaign when all is said and done? How much will come from the community versus from the Hollywood producer and his friends? It’s only July and we have already seen citywide mailers and giant full-page ads and heard from out-of-town, high-priced political consultants and lawyers. I can’t help but feel that Reiner is trying to manipulate Malibu residents with his wallet. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

My other question is why was this initiative written in a fashion that exempts more than 70% of the existing spaces in the existing shopping centers and does nothing to help small business?

Paul Grisanti