Reader’s Poem / Four Sonnets From a Grape Wine Drunkard in Malibu


The extent of the Lover’s heart collapse was incorrectly weighed,

Because the mystical scale upon which it was laid balanced wrong!

Why, then, do you blame the True Beloved for the false measurement

When its genesis rests in the Cup Bearer’s dark wine drinking binges.

First, she said that I had to surrender my soul without saying one word.

Then, she demanded that I verbally surrender the divinity of my heart.

Caught between her eyelashes shooting darts and her eyes aiming arrows,

What else could the soul-hurting and heart-broken lover do but comply twice.

When I informed the Beloved that I could not make up my mind,

She replied: “You cannot be depended on. Where is your mind?”

Encouraged by these softly spoken words, I made up my mind.

She replied: “It’s too late, my love. You are now out of my mind”.

The lost of inner humility cannot be recaptured without prayer.

If you are thrown off the unromantic path of dust-filled destinations,

And the walking cane breaks in the twilight world of self-examination,

Give up the ego, leave it in the deepest void and regain your composure.

By Dr. Michael J. Siler