Letter: Sowing Only Fear

Letter to the Editor

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s select subcommittee to investigate and oversee the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic published its findings on Friday, Oct. 2. Among the findings are that Democratic governors ignored guidance from the Trump administration and issued executive orders readmitting coronavirus-positive patients to nursing homes, resulting in tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths.

Subcommittee Democrats had little interest in uncovering the devastating and scandalous behavior of the Democratic governors of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan and California. But thousands of grieving families demanded answers from Congress. Subcommittee Republicans stepped up to investigate.

For example, New York State has seen over 32,000 COVID-19 deaths. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s deadly “must admit” order led to the unnecessary deaths of at least 6,600 elderly Americans. 

The Associated Press recently reported that the Cuomo administration is likely undercounting the nursing home deaths, estimating the true count to be around 11,000 elderly Americans—over a third of total COVID-19 deaths in New York alone.

The Justice Department has opened an investigation into the deadly “must admit” orders of these governors.

The above takeaways—along with a thorough timeline, accounting of COVID-19 casualties and a recounting of the many policy missteps of Democrats in their desperation to attack, smear, and discredit President Trump—are compiled in the report of Pelosi’s select subcommittee.

Democrats only know how to shut down our economy, sow panic and fear, shut down our schools, shut down our churches, and shut down our belief in ourselves and America.

Under President Trump’s leadership, working together, we will defeat COVID-19 and fully restore the greatest economy our country has ever seen.

Lawrence Weisdorn