Malibu’s field of dreams


As we prepare to commemorate 50 years of baseball, Malibu Little League now has something additional to celebrate. We are thrilled that the City of Malibu will soon own the land where we play, Bluffs Park. This acquisition will allow Malibu Little League to continue playing on the fields at the park.

The coalition of groups and individuals that made this “dream come true” are to be commended and thanked. This includes the Malibu City Council, Malibu Parks and Recreation, State Parks, The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, Assemblymember Fran Pavley, Sen. Sheila Kuehl, Ruth Coleman, Joe Edmiston and many other city and state workers. Jeff Jennings never let the dream die and for that we are very grateful. We’d also like to believe that Malibu Little League played a small part in the process.

Again, thank you all for your tireless efforts and your compromises on behalf of the baseball loving youth and adults of Malibu.

Malibu Little League Board of Directors