Speaking up help


This is a response to a letter from Justine Petretti.

Did it ever occur to you that the reason Trancas is in this mess is because not enough people got involved to “Protect Malibu?” Thank goodness some people got involved and didn’t look the other way during the Trancas Park issue just because the people planning it were nice people. The plans showed the removal by grading of an entire ridge-top of a mountain. Thank goodness for the people who bothered to look and get involved, for they were able to save a part of the ridge-top with the bat caves, and the park was still able to go in.

Thank goodness some people didn’t look the other way during the Trancas Country Mart issue just because the people developing it were nice people. Plans showed an 11,644 square foot building, 70 parking spaces on a thin stretch of land next to Trancas Creek. Thank goodness these people also looked into the nine variances, ESHA and Safety. They got a sidewalk along Trancas and PCH so kids could walk to the beach, loading zones and parking lot on Trancas changed for employees-only so customers wouldn’t be running across Trancas. Dan Bercu is a nice man and he knows what a property manager/developer has to go through. He has PC Greens strip mall, The Thai Dishes mall and Brentwood Country Mart.

Your claim, “This shopping center is going to end up way bigger and uglier than Dan’s” is not possible, unless the owners were to change Burdge’s plans, which are esthetically handsome and have never been an issue, and start over with planning and permit approval. It appears you like mom and pop stores and are not in favor of tons of condos. So come get involved with the retail ordinance idea, along with Trancas PCH Development, which is submitting plans for tons of condos. There is never any shame in fighting for what you believe in.

Thank goodness for people who get involved, protest and sometimes sue. It’s worth it- whether saving part of a mountain-top, an open-field or even a Garden Center.

Jules Eamer