Sirens: Malibu Crime Report Mar. 6 – 20

Crime Report

The following incidents were reported between Mar. 6 –  20:


Card theft

A vehicle parked on Kanan Dume Road was broken into and a cell phone and credit card were stolen. The victim was notified that a $1,635 purchase was made at a Walmart in West Hills. 



Petty theft

Deputies responded to a credit card theft on Pacific Coast Highway. The victim said he realized his cards were stolen when he received a notification of a $500 charge to his Bank of America card. The victim was unsure where he misplaced his cards.



Attempted burglary

Deputies responded to a vehicle burglary near Escondido Falls. The victim said she returned to her vehicle after a hike and noticed the door lock was damaged. The victim did not notice anything missing from her vehicle. The damage was estimated to cost $400 to repair. 


Converter crime

A catalytic converter was stolen from a vehicle parked on Malibu Vista Drive. The victim parked overnight and noticed it was missing from her vehicle the following day. The catalytic converter was estimated to cost $3,700 to replace.



Cash grab

A home on Paseo Canyon Drive was broken into and an estimated $500 in cash was stolen. The victim was contacted by her neighbor who said he saw two suspects walk through his backyard and enter her home. The suspects were described as wearing dark sweatshirts, ski masks and gloves. The victim said she had security cameras in front of her home, but they did not capture anything unusual.



Mail theft

Deputies responded to a mail theft on Birdview Avenue. The victim said he had been out of town for a few weeks and asked the post office to hold his mail until he returned. He was expecting to receive a credit card and tax forms but did not receive them when he picked up his mail. An attempted use of the card was declined by his bank.


Caught on camera

Three mailboxes were broken into and ransacked on Rey De Copas Lane. The victim had video footage of the suspect breaking the locks and removing the mail. The suspect was described as a white male wearing a black sweatshirt, grey pants and driving a dark colored Lexus sedan. The deputy reviewed the footage and noticed the vehicle immediately drove off, which led him to believe there was another suspect involved. The damage to the mailboxes was estimated to cost $2,500 to repair.



Grand theft

A vehicle was broken into at County Line Beach. The victim said nothing appeared to be missing, but received a notification of an estimated $20,380 in fraudulent charges made on his credit cards. The suspects purchased items at a Nordstrom and Best Buy in Canoga Park.



Broken into

A vehicle parked on Pacific Coast Highway across from Geoffrey’s Restaurant was broken into. The surveillance cameras captured two suspects entering the victim’s vehicle and attempting to open the trunk but were unable to. The victim said no property was taken; however, the damage to the lock was estimated to cost $50 to repair.


Credit fraud

An iPhone worth $1,000 and various credit cards were stolen from a vehicle parked near Surfrider Beach. The victim said he locked and secured his vehicle and left his keys under the roof rack. The victim received a notification that an estimated $4,412 worth of purchases were made at Nordstrom at The Grove shopping center. No damages were made to his vehicle.