Travel: Taking it Publica: Israel’s Hot New Hotel

Guest amenities include a pool, fitness classes, live entertainment, coffee and beer on tap and more.

It’s not every day that a new hotel opens in Israel—and certainly it’s an event when one opens that is as innovative as the Publica Isrotel. The property, which debuted this month, sits at the intersection of comfort and connection and is located in the tech-savvy seaside city of Herzliya, about 10 miles north of Tel Aviv. While it’s part of the portfolio of Israel’s leading hotel chain, Isrotel, the opening also marks the arrival of Marriott’s Autograph Collection to Israel. 

The 159-room hotel is Herzliya’s newest gathering place, offering a variety of distinct spaces that merge business and pleasure, achievement and entertainment, and work and wellness.

Serving as the brand’s first-ever “people meet people” concept hotel, Publica Isrotel introduces something entirely new to the Israeli hospitality market: a prestigious members only club, the City Club. Accessible only to hotel guests and local residents (who pay a membership fee), the City Club offers enriching programming, from fitness classes to live entertainment and special events, where members can mix, mingle and even conduct business—all beyond the boardroom. 

“Publica will appeal to a rising and dominant market segment—the millennials—who are savvy travelers seeking exceptional experiences that blend business and pleasure,” said Lior Raviv, chief executive officer of Isrotel Hotel Group. “Our core values are to be innovative, and to pioneer new hospitality trends in Israel, and I feel confident that is what we have done with Publica.”

To maximize productivity and engagement throughout the property, architect Dana Oberson utilized eclectic design and architectural elements that fuse together to create an environment suited for business engagements and social gatherings. On the sixth floor sits Publica’s Shared Workspace, a full-service facility equipped with multifunctional seating arrangements, soundproof phone booths, free WiFi, and complimentary coffee and beer on tap. One floor up, a seasonal rooftop swimming pool and Pool Bar overlooking the Mediterranean Sea can be found for those who prefer to close their deals poolside.

The Stage, located on the hotel’s ground floor, grants City Club members access to live music, lectures, workshops and more. Bringing together hotel guests and local club members (mainly young professionals from the area), The Stage exemplifies how the Publica City Club turns the traditional hotel concept on its head and transforms the public spaces into breeding grounds of life and energy. Publica Isrotel’s Fitness Center stands in stark contrast to the typically basement-bound hotel gym. A state-of-the-art facility, the bright and spacious center boasts modern equipment, upscale locker rooms, a sauna and even a boxing arena that’s home to a private boxing club. In the living-room-like Lobby Lounge (or on its terrace), an industrial-chic atmosphere with periodic seating areas invites guests to sit, work, meet and greet while enjoying drinks and light bites (a creative blend of Asian and Mediterranean flavors) from the adjacent Lobby Bar. The hotel’s highly anticipated Greek-Mediterranean restaurant Greco, headed by restaurateur Zviki Eshet, dishes up tantalizing Greek-inspired fare.

The public spaces also act as a platform for contemporary Israeli art, presenting ever-changing exhibitions alongside works that have been acquired for the hotel’s permanent collection. From multifaceted mosaics that portray the intricacies of Israeli identity, to a light wall that serves as a video screening platform, the hotel displays a collection from the best Israeli artists creating in all of the different artistic milieus. Behind closed doors, Publica Isrotel offers sleek yet comfortable guestrooms dedicated to satisfying the demands of the international business traveler. Amenities like Bluetooth speakers and adjustable desks allow for maximum efficiency in guests’ private space, while plush bedding and lavish soaking tubs provide necessary comforts after a hard day’s work—or even after a day at one of the area’s beaches. 



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