Letter: A Breonna Taylor Moment in Malibu

Letter to the Editor

It’s been three weeks since the 1 a.m. intrusion of our home by the LASD. No, they weren’t serving a warrant. These two deputies had apparently mistaken my (well-lit) address for another home several hundred yards away as the site of a potential burglary and decided to enter through a closed but unlocked door and start shouting from our living room. 

In my and my wife’s fast evolving consciousness, I raced downstairs to be confronted by a gun and tactical flashlight blinding me while being commanded to “get your hands up!!!” Leaving us further rattled, one was shaggy in appearance, not in a standard uniform, and they never identified themselves. Leaving hastily, never having admitted any error, my wife and I were left to wonder whether they were, in fact, sheriffs.

What might have happened had I raced down stairs with a gun?

I subsequently confirmed that my neighbor (who has an even larger and better-lit address marker than I do) had an alarm event at 1 a.m. I filed a complaint with the LASD and, oddly enough, a week or two after filing my complaint, I found our address lighting suddenly and inexplicably displaced. Now, why might that be?

A cautionary tale: Keep your doors locked, as the LASD amateur cowboys are on the loose “protecting and serving” us.

Michael Klein