Water Saving Program for Restaurants and Food Service Facilities Launches

West Basin Municipal Water District

Malibu’s water purveyor, West Basin Municipal Water District, has announced the expansion of its Cash for Kitchens program, which provides free materials to help industrial kitchens cut back on water waste during the ongoing California mega-drought. The program is now available to Malibu business owners.

“During this historic drought, many restaurants are doing their part to conserve water,” West Basin’s Board of Director Scott Houston said in a statement from the district. Houston represents Division IV of the water district, which includes Culver City, Malibu, West Hollywood and some unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County (such as Topanga) and South Bay cities. “This free program will provide tools and resources to additional restaurants in our service area to help us achieve greater savings.”

The program includes tools for restaurants and food service facilities such as free water efficiency devices, educational materials and information about available rebates, in an effort to cut back water waste. An additional facet of the program is designed to “develop behavioral changes that will lead towards a water-efficient kitchen and life-style,” according to the district’s statement.

Restaurants that qualify can receive free water-saving devices, such as a pre-rinse kitchen sprayer, faucet aerators and faucet flow control valves.

Malibu restaurant owners or managers who are interested in participating in the free program can reach out to West Basin’s vendor, Hastings & Co. Inc., at 714.296.2740 or visit westbasin.org/c4k.