Letter: Malibu Reconciliation

With the swipe of some plastic on an Internet site

We rented our house for a midsummer night

We thought it was love, 

We knew it was fantastic and were ready for our overseas flight


My wife asked me, “Oh who could it be?” 


And I said, “It doesn’t matter we got the money,

We’re off to Europe to have a great time,

Who cares if our neighbors are at the scene of the crime”


We vacationed in style and had a fabulous time

We left our good neighbors with a cry and a wine

Because the Visiting vacationers were partying all the time


When we returned here is what we learned

My Rolex was gone and our car had been burned

The party was never ending.  

The house was a mess

Appliances were ruined 

And the septic was distressed


One hundred grand to repair it and what could we do,

The City said, “And remember to pay your taxes too!”

The neighbors said, “We have had enough of you!”

They rented their house to a drug rehab and left the Bu


See you in five years when its time to sell.

The neighborhood left in shambles and the market went to hell 

Terry Lucoff

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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