Best Dog of Summer Crowned

2018 Malibu Times Best Dog of Summer, Escrow

The 2018 Malibu Times Best Dog of Summer contest has come to a close… and the winner? Lifelong Malibu resident Escrow. From his outgoing personality to his outdoorsy spirit, this pup embodies everything that makes being a Malibu dog great.

Escrow is a five-and-a-half-year-old Australian Shepherd who has been nothing but enthusiastic ever since he became a member of Malibu resident Brant Didden’s family. One day, Didden spotted Escrow as a young pup with a breeder walking around Malibu and instantly knew he was the one.

“When we saw him, it was pretty much just love at first sight,” Didden explained. 

Escrow’s name comes from Didden’s line of work: real estate. Escrow happily accompanies Didden to his many open houses and is, unsurprisingly, a great marketing tool. 

“It’s amazing how when I bring him into a room, people just melt,” his owner said. 

When asked to describe Escrow in one word, Brant needed to make it two—“very enthusiastic.” 

Not only is Escrow involved in Malibu real estate, he also enjoys all of the recreation our coastal city has to offer.

After playtime at an open house, Escrow gets back in the car and rides with Didden to the other end of Malibu for a run, hike or mountain bike ride.

Didden painted a picture of one of these adventures: “When I’m on my mountain bike and he’s running wide open and I’m going as fast as I can and he’s keeping up, it’s pretty amazing,” he described.

More than anything, Escrow just wants to be part of the crowd—and according to Didden, he is vocal about it.

“He just loves to be in the mix,” Didden said. “He’s just happiest when he’s around whatever’s going on—whether it’s driving in the car, going to the beach, going for a hike, you know, as long as he’s included, he’s happy. He just wants to be part of the family, you know, just part of the pack.”

Escrow, with his love for adventure, is truly a Malibu dog deserving of a prize. He will enjoy two free days of doggie day care provided by Canine Connection (valued at $82!) and $25 off a grooming visit with Malibu Grooming Co. Didden has earned a $25 gift certificate from Eco Auto Spa, $100 off carpet cleaning from Environmental Carpet Care and $25 gift card for Duke’s Malibu Restaurant.

Along with this, Escrow will be personally rewarded with belly rubs and even longer runs on the beach. 

Congratulations to Escrow and thank you to all of this year’s entrants. Check out photos of each pooch above.