Letter: Lead with Kindness

Letter to the Editor

Written in response to “Pepperdine School of Public Policy dean shares petition against ‘far left indoctrinating’ curriculum,” published Oct. 22

Mr. Pete Peterson’s reported acknowledgment of an email write by an aide—there have been about 1,000 people/students that have voiced their disagreement with his supposed statement that left wing indoctrination should be stopped or battled—consider the following:

In the 1930s in Germany, a very dark figure led that country and our beautiful world into chaos and despair for many years until defeated.

This “leader” tore down statues and imposed censorship on everyone who disagreed or who were perceived as “enemies of the state.”

Tearing down of statues and attempts of erasing America’s history has also taken place in our country lately.

It is vital that all opinions be heard and that all of us disagree with kindness.

Our youth should never be taught what to think, but rather, be taught how to think.

We all have different backgrounds—we are all at times passionate about our views. Let us remember always to listen to others with kindness—no matter their views.

Morten Wengler