Don’t be a sheep


Decades ago a book came out called “A Nation of Sheep,” which seems to be a timeless story. Unfortunately, the main message of this book is still happening today-mindless people still following without knowing why, without questioning.

Currently there is questioning-some people are questioning the proposed Malibu Lagoon “Restoration Project,” wondering why people are sheepishly following because certain environmental groups support it. Remember, question authority! Also, many are misinformed and think that this project will clean up the pollution. I attended a meeting last week where Suzanne Goode of State Parks confirmed several times that the project would “do nothing to clean the water for human health concerns.” Nor would it improve the trails.

So question authority. Why is Heal the Bay supporting this project? Could it be that with all the money they got through this project that they want to be the ones to go and clean up the human water issues, thus being the hero (for good P.R.)? I try to be positive, that could be a good reason! But I wonder about ethics and hidden agendas as well!

The Malibu Lagoon is thriving beautifully, all the compliments of Mother Nature. Go visit and be in awe. This proposed project is an experiment that will murder hundreds and hundreds of gobies, plants (native and non-native), animals, and displace many, many birds and animals. It is a matter of life or death. Bulldoze or not bulldoze. There are many people who are willing to clean up the muck and pull the non-native plants by hand. What does it matter if it takes longer? What’s the hurry?

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Alessandra DeClario