Malibu Seen: Oscar Gold Is Nearly Here

This year’s Oscars ceremony will be a lot different than years past.

Believe it or not, the grand award season is right around the corner, without all the usual glam and publicity of years past, of course.

It felt odd watching streams as opposed to the formality of going for a Saturday night date at the movie theater. But in this era of COVID-19, there have been plenty of changes and film buffs must adjust.

But streaming or not, Netflix or Disney+, get ready to mark your calendars for some high profile occasions. 

Feb. 3 is one of the biggest nights of the year when it comes to the selection process. That’s when the Golden Globe nominations are announced. The Globes will be followed the next day by the all-important SAG nominees. Four days later, it’s the Critic’s Choice and their picks. The next day, the Academy Awards shortlist will be unveiled. 

On Feb. 16., we will find out who the Writers Guild of America candidates will be.

Another big nomination will take place when AFI pulls out its big envelopes. Two days later, you’ll Zoom into your faves at the glamourous Golden Globes Awards Ceremony.

For a taste from overseas, the BAFTAs will take place in March, though the date has not been selected.

On March 7, you will find the popular Critic’s Choice Awards. The producers get a chance on March 7, followed by the prestigious Directors Guild of America Awards.

On March 15, the Oscar noms are announced, followed by the WGA, DGA and Spirit Awards. Then the grand finale, the one and only Oscar Awards. 

Until then, happy Zooming.