Come to the rescue


I am writing to you in hope that others who read this letter will not make the same mistake that I made.

Recently I purchased a bunny from a pet store. It was one of those impulse purchases, that had I thought for even a minute would never have done. Now don’t get me wrong. I was totally ready to take on a rabbit, our family has several animals that are unconditionally loved and spoiled and were all rescued. That was the mistake I made in purchasing this rabbit. There are hundreds of animals that are overflowing our shelters and that desperately need homes to love them.

Had I not been so consumed with my immediate gratification, I would have driven 20 minutes over the hill to the shelter, where to my horror, are several young beautiful rabbits that will literally die if not adopted. While we will love and cherish the bunny we purchased, I cannot help but feel guilty about not rescuing one from the start. Please let your readers not make the same mistake that I did. For those that are thinking of acquiring a pet, please, please, please go to the shelter first and consider adopting one of these loving animals.

Nina Greenberg