Malibu School District Endorsed Again By City Council – Farmers Mkt Will Get Moved Around, But Enough Space, City Says – Seiche? Yikes.


Santa Ana winds are gusting to 55 miles an hour this morning … no major problems.

The city council hears a lot of questions … but the major answer is 57 million dollars in child support.

And what is it with the Farmers Market?? A fair question … given the persistent questions from supporters about what seems to be a nonexistent threat.

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Good morning Malibu!


Santa Anas … with peak winds of 55 miles per hour … are raking the Malibu coast this morning. 

The winds are expected to diminish by mid afternoon.

Actual peak gusts measured overnight were clocked at 55 miles an hour.  

We know of -no- power outages … except for some trees in a power line in Santa Monica along Montana somewhere.


The Malibu City Council has endorsed the divorce agreement between Malibu and Santa Monica … which includes a 57 million dollar child support payment over 12 years from our city to our former partners down the coast. 

That money is already flowing from Malibu’s pricey real estate … in the form of property tax revenue … to subsidize education in Santa Monica.

But it is politically impossible for Malibu to split out of the Santa Monica district … and establish local control … if that money to Santa Monica would stop. 

Last night’s two hour session on the proposed carving out of Malibu from the Santa Monica Malibu School District raised a whole lot of questions … and for many … it’s too early for answers. 

Teachers wanted to know about classroom sizes … would classroom student counts increase or decrease in a Malibu only district????

Don’t know yet.

One administrator said he’s nervous as he does his job … on the construction project at Malibu High.

Parent Laurie Whiteside drive up from Santa Monica,

CART 77209  :15   Q: react to any of this?

“The jury is still out for me, I’m a Santa Monica resident and a parent. 

“I did have 2 very specific questions. 

“One would be, do we know how our union is going to react to any of this?”

Answer … wait and see.

And her other question was also about timing….  and there’s no answer to that.

The state legislature and governor are going to have to pass a new law to make it happen. 

No one knows how long that will take. 

But the community did get answers on funding.

Malibu students get 16 percent of the district’s spending .. roughly.

But the expensive real estate prices in Malibu add up to 34 percent of the district’s funding in property tax revenue.

And that’s after the non-property tax subsidies from Santa Monica in the form of sales tax revenue and other voluntary payments. 

That’s 57 million dollars in child support payments from Malibu to Santa Monica.

That money is already flowing from Malibu to Santa Monica.

But if they districts split …  both sides agree that money will have to continue to flow.

Santa Monica kids cannot take a financial hit by creation of a Malibu school district.

Here’s parent activist Seth Jacobsen.

CART 77206 :06 short!!!!!!   Q: and that’s really critical.

“Neither community gets hurt, and that’s really critical.”

the Malibu City Council voted 4-0 to endorse the report. 

It next goes to a public Q and A session in Santa Monica on April 20th.

Malibu district supporters are again calling for a big show of force from Malibu … for that one.


The Santa Monica College District says it has found a way to actually increase the number of booth spaces at the Malibu Farmers Market … when construction begins this summer on a new Malibu Community College at the Civic Center.

Parking will be maintained …. and lineal footage for booth frontage will actually be increased.

That’s the latest word … after the City of Malibu interceded and asked the county … what is happening to the Farmers Market??

So … why did a dozen farmers market fans go before the city council last night … again … to protest?

Farmers market people said they do not want to move to the other side of the parking lot … no matter how much room is provided.

As one supporter … JoAnne Burke put it … she wants the Farmers Market maintained  [[TAKE CART FAST ]]

CART 77210  :10  Q: as is – as usual – as promised.”

 “as is – as usual – as promised.”

That rather adamant and unyielding attitude had city council members puzzled last night. 

Rick Mullen didn’t get it. 


“Sounds like we’re doing everything that we can do to help.

“And we love to hear you come down and talk.

“But we have a few other items on the agenda, and some of these meetings are going on to midnight.”

And councilwoman Laura Rosenthal blasted a video shot by one community member … a video that falsely claimed the market was losing space … and made some other flat out misstatements. 

CART 77211   :18  QQQ: are hearing alternative facts. 

“He also said ‘all will be lost with the current plan’ – I’m quoting.

“That is not true at all.

“So I think that we really need to stick with facts with these issues, and I think a lot of community members as well as other people are hearing alternative facts.” 

Bottom line … the plan is that the Farmers Market is going to have to move around … there will still be plenty of space for it … 

And no … they do not get to stay where they are at the Farmers Market in Malibu while the taxpayers pay to have the parking lot rebuilt … and a campus building installed.

They will have to make way and share. 


You are listening to the latest news from Radio Malibu … 97.5 K B U.  ((( time  ))))


This is tsunami awareness week …. and for the next few days KBU News will be shining the light on particular dangers for Malibu.

Did you know that an undersea landslide … off the coast of Santa Monica … caused a rogue wave to wash ashore … killing one man???

It happened in 19-30 … and geologists caution it can happen again.

And .. a local earthquake could generate a seiche wave … spelled S E I C H E … seiche wave.

Here’s geologist Pat Lynett at U S C.

CUT 77202   SEICHE AAAA   :24       QQQQQ: Weather events and earthquakes.

“The terms seiche and tsunami are often used interchangeably

“So technically speaking … a seiche is a wave that cases a sloshing or a rocking of a basin.

“Water sloshing iin a bathrun is a good simple analogy for a seiche.

“For us, this would mean all the water in Santa Monica Bay moving up and down together.

“So tsunamis can cause seiches, as can weather events and earthquakes.” 

–  Geologist Pat Lynett at U S C.

Imagine the Santa Monica bay shaking violently … with water moving back and forth.

The danger for us locally is that there would be no advance warning for a seiche wave … other than a very strong earthquake lasting 20 seconds or so.

Tsunamis from distant earthquakes take hours to get here. 

A seiche wave would arrive minutes … maybe seconds … after a large quake.

And that type of a quake would not give scientists time to send any warning at all .. to Malibu or anywhere else along the santa Monica Bay coast.

Tomorrow … we’ll talk about tsunamis from distant quakes … 

And KBUU will be participating in the California coast tsunami emergency test … the radio station is supposed to get a tsunami test at 10:15 … and automatically relay that test. 

We’ll see if we pass … but in 110 weeks of tests … we haven’t missed one yet.


Traffic … in 65 seconds.


Weather for the Malibu ….

It will be ((((   sunny windy and 68   )))) degrees today on the beach … ((((    79    )))) inland. 

Santa Ana winds will be  gusting up to  (((  35   )))) miles per hour this morning on the beach.

In the canyons … gusts will hit 55 miles per hour this morning. 

Sunset tonight is at   ((((    7:11   )))).

After that … expect it to be (((   breezy but not as windy  )))) tonight … a low of  ((((  54  )))) on the beach … down to  ((((  48   )))) in the canyons.

Tomorrow should be   ((((   windy still … warmer and sunny  )))).

Right now … it’s ((((    64 degrees   )))) at Trancas with winds gusting to 36 miles an hour. 

((((    54   )))) in upper Malibu Canyon.

Winds are gusting to 15 miles an hour in the canyon …  50 miles per hour at Camp 8. 

And it’s ((((   57   ))) at Civic center Los Angeles. 

In the ocean … it’s ((((    59   )))) degrees in the water at Zuma Beach.

The lifeguards say the waves today are   ((((  3 to 5   )))) feet high …. 

((((    New longer-period WNW/NW swell builds. Small SSW swell.  )))) 

Those are ((((  fair )))) surfing conditions …. according to the lifeguards.

(((((  High tide is at 10:25 AM … 5 feet high.

Low tide is at 4:32 .

A higher high tide arrives at 10:44 tonight.  ))))


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