Letter: A Cardiovascular Event

Letter to the Editor

When the body fails us, affecting the circulation of lifeblood throughout the whole body, it calls for a question. How does the circulation of resources serve all sectors of society? It calls on the heart to guide policies to regulate circulation—the heart, where courage is found. Political opinions argue over how to legislate the distribution of a nation’s resources, how to restore circulation to neglected regions. The heart of a nation is beholden to the health of the whole body, threatened by a shift of power, afraid of losing it are deceits. Restoring circulation only vitalizes the health of a body/nation. It strengthens our economy and culture with all hands on deck.

Denying the flow of lifeblood can cause a stroke. A cerebrovascular event affects the functioning of the brain, can cause convulsions or paralysis. It impairs vision, the ability to see a better way. Overcome, the body convulses in fear, paralyzed by perceived threats.

If arteries have so hardened, over generations, as to cause a stroke, a change of diet, a questioning of one’s opinions could unlock the paralysis, and widen vision.

The hemorrhaging of violence at the Capitol reveals conditions present in the state. May we greet this time as a comeuppance, on all fronts. As a million plant and animal species are threatened with extinction, we have an opportunity to coalesce into a nation that lives up to its ideals.

Ann Buxie