When the Gobies Rule


    My friends you needn’t worry

    About new fees and the likes;

    Nor about the miles of traffic,

    While waiting for a light.

    The home business license soon to come

    Will be a paltry thing;

    And, inner strife at Round Tables —

    A yawn they’ll hardly bring.

    But when our friend, Sir Babbitt

    Declares our Malibu,

    A Habitat for Gobies!

    You had best to think it through!

    From sea to door, and along our shores,

    Everything will change!

    The rest that plagues us constantly

    Will be of minor range.

    The collapsing roads and landslides

    Can be handled as they do;

    But Malibu, a “Goby Habitat”?

    Will be hard to believe is true.

    Consider what you cannot do,

    When the Gobies are in charge;

    They will override the TSG’s

    And the commission’s deep regard.

    But be assured that all will out,

    When the Gobies rule!

    Let’s take it with a happy smile

    And show them we’re no fools.

    H. Emmett Finch