Street Talk: ‘What Name Would You Like to See for the Merging Elementary Schools?’

Gavin and Shana Burgess

A decision announcing the name of the new Malibu elementary school—which will house students from both Point Dume Marine Science School (PDMSS) and Juan Cabrillo Elementary School—and other details was delayed by the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District due to complaints from parents. 

Julie Ellerton, The Malibu Times media director, went to both elementary school and asked students and parents this question:

“What name would you like to see for the merging elementary schools?”

Here are their responses.

Gavin Burgess – PDMSS

“I’d like it to be called The Sea Animals Elementary School and I’d like the mascot to be Stingrays.”

Shana Burgess 

“I like having Point Dume be in the name because it represents the neighborhood that the school is in and I think that’s important. Most schools that you hear about, the name of the school is the neighborhood the school is located in. We will definitely be welcoming Juan Cabrillo Elementary families here. We had a good experience when we were there for kindergarten. I know Gavin’s excited to see his buddies next year.”

Ryder Lippman – Juan Cabrillo Elementary

“I would like the name to be… I think it should be called Ocean Elementary not Malibu Ocean Elementary, because I don’t think Malibu’s an ocean. Just Ocean Elementary and I’m fine with the Narwhal for the mascot.”

Ana Lippman

“I don’t think they should change the name. Keep the name the same, put the money towards something that the kids will actually use, like new computers for the classrooms. I like Dolphins for the mascot instead of Narwhal. Dolphins are so pretty, it’s Zuma!”

Lila BradleyJuan Cabrillo Elementary 

“I want it to be like, Malibu Ocean Elementary School.”

Lylah Givertz – Juan Cabrillo Elementary “I hope the new school’s name is Malibu Community School. Well, I might change it to Malibu Ocean Elementary School, I like that better. The mascot is already a Narwhal but I liked Sea Lion for our mascot.”

LuLu BrownJuan Cabrillo Elementary 

“I also want it to be called Malibu Ocean Elementary.”