Planetary Themes for the Month of September

T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.

The planet Mars begins its retrograde cycle in Aries from Sept. 9 – Nov. 13. Significant new beginnings or plans are usually best postponed during this phase. It’s best to deal with any unfinished business from the past.


A balance needs to be reached between your responsibilities and personal life. You are probably getting a reality check. A favorable shift begins on Sept. 6 for expressing more of your fun side and spending more relationship time. From the ninth onward, there are some steps to take to deal with matters from the past.


This can be a good time for inner exploration and self-discovery. From Sept. 6 on, family and domestic matters take center stage. This is also a time to express your inner child and playful side. When it comes to money matters and investments, play it safe. There could be something unexpected that comes along. 


If you have been focusing too much on work and responsibilities, a favorable shift begins on the fifth to help restore more balance and harmony. You can feel more relationship-oriented and like expressing your social side. Make more time for having fun during the first half of the month. You may not have as much time during the second half. 


This can be a favorable period for putting your ideas to work for you. You can accomplish many things and achieve your goals. From Sept. 5 onward, you seek more balance in domestic matters. Be willing to make some compromises with agreements and in your relationships. Be more cautious with money matters. 


Venus enters your sign on Sept. 6! You are in your high cycle for the expression of love and attraction. Relationships and having fun can become more important priorities. Career or work matters can feel out of sync. Some unexpected adjustments with your routine may be necessary. Stay organized.


A shift begins for you on Sept 5. The focus is on your values, money matters and relationships. Seek to find more balance between your relationships and work life. You can be dealing with added responsibilities, so make the best use of your time. When it comes to money matters and investments, avoid risk and play it safer.


A favorable shift begins on Sept. 6 for letting go of some emotional baggage in your life! It’s time for you to shine in the social arena and express more of your creative, artistic and playful side. Your personal relationships and communications are a priority. Don’t let domestic responsibilities tie you down.


You can continue to make progress attaining goals in the material realm. However, from Sept. 9, you may need to take back steps and redo some of your work. From the fifth on, you can benefit from spending more alone time and improving the relationship with yourself. Express your thoughts and emotions. 


A favorable shift begins on the fifth if you seek to make new friends or interact socially. From Sept. 6 onward, there are better opportunities for travel, fun or romance. When it comes to work, you can feel bored and ready for a break from the usual routine. Think of new and inventive ways to spice things up in your daily life. 


You can reap rewards in the material realm through the 21st. Make the best use of your time. From the ninth onward, there may be some unfinished business with family members. This is also a time to fix things around the house. From Sept. 6, there is the urge to get involved on a deeper level in your personal relationships.  


A favorable shift can begin in the relationship area from Sept. 6 as Venus enters Leo. You can have a stronger urge for fun or romance in your life. Significant others can also demand more attention from you. From the ninth on, take your time making important decisions. You can change your mind more easily. 


Your personal relationships and social life are highlighted through the 21st. However, are your expectations realistic about someone else? Take a closer look. From the ninth onward, be more cautious with the handling of your finances. Play it safe. This can be a good time to change your spending habits or set a new budget.