Letter: Cool Your Temper

Letter to the Editor

In response to the letter “Makes no sense” published Nov. 18

I’m no fan of public demonstrations, but I must applaud the freedom demonstrators for causing the following query from Yates: “Why would an employment-averse, pretend patriot with time on his hands, waving a faux (Trumper) American flag as a provocation, think that he can stand in front of my car at a stoplight?”

Gates is well known to The Malibu Times’ readers for his bigoted diatribes against those with whom he disagrees. Disagreement usually causes a visceral reaction from Yates, usually manifesting in a digital temper tantrum. So, kudos to the protesters.

As I said in my May 6 letter, “I am gladdened by the image of Yates sitting behind his computer screen in his underpants at 3 a.m., steam seeping from his ears, and blood from his… wherever. Sad!”

Otis Wang