Letter: Sad Commentary

Letter to the Editor

In response to “From the Publisher: Change is at our doorstep” published on Sept. 20.

While we usually applaud his position on national issues, we were dismayed to read Arnold York’s remarks about Brett Kavanaugh: “What teenage boy isn’t guilty of some inappropriate behavior?”

If this is indeed true (what a sad commentary on teenage boys!), would we not wish that a nominee for the Supreme Court have the courage and integrity to say  something to the effect of: “I was young and dumb and deeply regret it. Please cut me some slack as this was the culture of the times and I now know better.”

We are disturbed by his lack of truthfulness, of forthrightness.

And if indeed he is innocent, we would like some signs of  big-heartedness, empathy and compassion for the sufferers of sexual abuse.

We want the cream on the Supreme Court… not the dregs.

Carol Moss, Paul Elder, Dharmata Tara, Elizabeth Smith, Kay Gabbard, Janet Ettinger and Robert Bruce