Drop-Off, Pick-Up Area Changed Due to Construction at Webster

The new drop-off, pick-up route at Webster Elementary School

Drop-off and pick-up will be a little different for local elementary school parents due to ongoing construction at Webster Elementary School and Our Lady of Malibu, according to Webster Principal Patrick Miller. There will be no access to Webster from Winter Canyon Road and limited parking. 

A social media post from Miller, in part, read, “Please carpool, drop off early, and pick up late.” 

Parents with kids in transitional kindergarten and kindergarten will be able to park during drop-off times; all other students will have to be dropped off at the curb.

In a message to The Malibu Times, Miller stated the project would be going on at least through Labor Day Weekend.

“We’ll reevaluate constantly throughout and if it’s working we will continue until the completion of our project, six to eight weeks,” he wrote. “If it’s not working, we will look for alternatives.”