Cat out of bag


I was at this so-called “secret meeting” where council member Barovsky graciously and generously offered her time to help save the ridge. In fact, I was the one who happily informed the press about it, as The Malibu Times correctly and frankly stated. The meeting was held on Thursday at 3 p.m. at the City Hall, in the grand conference room. Now, I am not good at keeping secrets, but if that constitutes a “secret meeting,” then the bar on keeping secrets has been seriously lowered. It is hard to believe that council member Barovsky is being unfairly cast as doing something ‘illegal,’ when she was just doing her job—in fact, doing a damn good job.

Since when is meeting with the constituents a crime? Especially when invited by a constituent, not to mention one who is an opponent of this project. She should be commended for doing what she was elected to do—to listen to the people. She has tried to find a “win-win” solution for all and, yes, she has done it in broad daylight in spite of the dim fog projected by certain press.

Justine Petretti