Photos: Malibu Represents at LA FitExpo

Cambrie Schroder and her dance team, Fit with Cambrie, were guest performers at the FitExpo in Los Angeles on Saturday. 

The 2015 FitExpo Los Angeles was held over the weekend in Downtown L.A. Malibu local and fitness guru Jillian Michaels was a part of Evolution Fitness Conference, an event within TheFitExpo, and Malibu resident Cambrie Schroder’s dance team, Fit with Cambrie, performed. Thousands attended the expo and many took part in Michaels’ Body Shred classes. 

“Work out at 85 percent of your maximum, ideally, five days a week for best results, count calories and stay away from chemicals,” Michaels said. 

Schroder and her team were thrilled to be participating in the health and fitness expo. 

“While we were there we were overcome by the prominence of positive energy and the desire for education about healthy living and the importance of fitness,” Schroder said.