Malibu Seen on the Road: Paris

Malibu Seen sends a kiss from the newly restored Rodin Museum in the City of Light.

few weeks ago, right after the Belgium terrorist airport bombings, I ran into a lady who cancelled her long-awaited trip to Paris. The whole terrorist scare just made her too nervous to travel overseas.

True, it gave me cause for pause, but my husband, much like my mom after 9/11, wasn’t budging. We went for our annual Parisian jaunt in search of great music, good food and adventure, and I must say, I never thought about a terrorist attack. Sure, the concert halls and shopping malls had a bit more security who perhaps wanted to peek into your handbag, but that was it. The city was alive with excitement, color, sights and flavors to savor.

We got situated in our cozy and romantic room at Hotel des Saint-Peres, which is perfectly located on the left bank in the city’s Germain des Pres area.

Then we were off to search for all Paris has to offer.

We started our fling as we ended it at Brasserie Lipp’s table 66, my husband’s favorite for 30 years and mine as long as we have been married, which is quite a long time.

We tucked into our Alsace platter of sweet meats, complete with specially prepared spicy mustard, sauerkraut and Juniper berries. The seated side-by-side table lets you take in the entire spectacle of flamboyant people watching, which makes Lipp, Lipp.

Next it was entertainment time at Sainte-Chapelle, a 14th century gothic gem with floor-to-ceiling stained glass windows, which give the regal setting a kaleidoscopic vibe. The enthusiastic audience was treated to Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” as well as the timeless “Four Seasons” by Vivaldi.

Another favorite on the eating front is a classic old bistro, which serves a wonderful steak tartar and a warm, gooey goat cheese salad. Le Grand Cobert, pronounced like, but not to be confused with, “Late Night Show” host Stephen, always takes you back in time. The following day, it was off to the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées for an afternoon of Bach. More walking made us work up an appetite and while we enjoyed old faves, there were also new discoveries.

One was the Deco treasure called La Fermette Marbeuf; another was the bustling L’Avenue, as well as Aux Pres Rue. This place is owned by an innovative television chef and was so good we went back twice in a row.

Of course, there was a stroll through the Louvre, the Orsay and the newly renovated Rodin Museum, all a feast for the eyes. The masterpieces couldn’t be a better warm up for our day trip to Monet’s secret garden at Giverney. It is a magical place that makes you see what inspired so many priceless impressionist works.

You want to hit it one of three times in the calendar year. Check out the lush hanging vines of purple wisteria or the famous water lilies. Our tour was filled with delicate Dutch tulips in every imaginable shape and size.

They were mixed in with lilies, fragrant hyacinth and botanicals like you have never seen before.

After visiting Monet’s paintings at the world’s most famous museums, you felt like you actually were in a Monet painting, just blending in with the impressionist scenes all around you.

So fellow travelers: keep calm and carry on. With these sweet treats to sooth the soul, both you and the world will always have Paris.