Malibu barefoot runner, locals complete in triple marathon

Local barefoot runner Alberto Perusset runs the Lake Tahoe Triple Marathon, consisting of a full marathon each day for three days, during the weekend of Sept. 23-25.

Malibu barefoot runner Alberto Perusset completed the 78.6-mile Lake Tahoe Triple Marathon in Lake Tahoe during the weekend of Sept. 23-25. He completed the first marathon in six hours and five minutes, the second in six hours and 51 minutes and the third in six hours and 26 minutes, making his total time for all three 19 hours and 22 minutes.

Malibu resident Blue Benadum won the Triple Marathon with a time of eight hours and 38 minutes. Local Raine Mitchell also competed, finishing second in the 10K at the racing event..

Perusset will compete in the Long Beach Marathon Oct. 9. He and Benadum are directors of the Malibu International Marathon, which takes place Nov. 13.