Share responsibilities


I appreciate Michael Johnson’s sentiments, expressed in his letter to the editor in response to the letter I wrote the previous week about my (as well as so many people I know) frustration with the poor “bikesmanship” exhibited by so many cyclists on PCH. As for Mr. Johnson’s advice to me to “understand the rules of the road, stay off the horn, enjoy the view,” I can only reply that I do, indeed, understand, and abide by, the rules of the road. I am not “on” the horn, and do not fully “enjoy the view” as I am keeping my eyes on not only the road, but also the cyclists riding dangerously all over that road. A safe motorist should be paying attention to what is happening on the road, not “enjoying the view.” That view can best be appreciated when not behind the wheel of a vehicle.

As for Mr. Johnson’s quoting of the following vehicle code, section 21200-21212, states that “every person riding a bicycle has all the rights and is subject to all the provisions applicable to the driver of the vehicle by this division.” I can only offer up the suggestion that, perhaps, if a bicycle has all the rights that motorists do, then it’s high time that the State of California initiates not only paid licenses for cyclists, but also paid registration for all bicycles on our roads, roads that are maintained by taxpaying motorists.

Since Mr. Johnson offers up the statement that bikers are “predominantly nice people,” then there should be no resistance by the cyclists in paying their fair share for use of the road. After all, if cyclists have “all the rights” of a motorist, they should also share in all the responsibilities, fiscal or otherwise. I am sure Mr. Johnson will be first in line with his check payable to the State.

Jacqueline Murphy