Skaters need venue


Editor’s note: This letter was sent to community residents to urge them to lobby the city councilmembers regarding the skate park.

Hello, friends of the Malibu Skatepark. Thanks for offering to help make sure we have a skatepark in Malibu. Our current park is a valuable part of our community and we need to insure that we have a place to skate in the future. We need to act now by contacting the Director of Parks and Recreation Bob Stallings ( and Recreation Manager Amy Crittenden ( and asking them for a timeline and the plan for moving the skatepark.

It has been suggested that the skatepark will be moved to Bluffs Park but it has not been confirmed. Please take the time to send them and City Council members an email urging them to decide on a plan for the Malibu Skatepark so that we can continue to skate with our friends and family in Malibu. Many of you may know Council Member Pamela Conley Ulich ( who I have looped into this email and whom we hope can help us. To make it easier, you may copy the following letter.

“As a members of the skateboarding community in Malibu, we urge you to establish a plan with confirmed dates to reopen the skatepark in Malibu. We’ve heard that the plan is to move the park to the Bluffs Park. If that is the plan please take the appropriate steps to make sure we will have a place to skate when Papa Jack’s closes in October. We’ve had so many excellent times at the skatepark and we want to make sure that we have a place to continue the tradition of fun skateboarding for all ages and abilities. Papa Jack’s was a valuable part of the community where friends and families have gathered for years to skateboard and have fun. We are committed to always having a skatepark in Malibu. Please let us know what the plan is for the future of the Malibu Skatepark, specifically where and when will the Park be moved.”

You may add your own personal touch or story about why it is important to you. Please forward this letter to other advocates for the skatepark. Let me know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. We’ll keep you posted about our progress and about our possible attendance at a City Council meeting. We’ll send you a link to our Facebook page in the near future.

Walt Lohr and Mike Perkle