Planetary Themes for the Month of March

T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.

The planet Venus turns retrograde from March 4 – April 15. This usually brings unfinished business with relationships or loved ones from the past. Important purchases or investments are usually best postponed during this phase. Do your research and take your time before making significant purchasing decisions. 


Your independent and pioneering spirit can continue to take you in a new direction and open new opportunities through the 9th.  A shift will begin to occur after the 9th. Money and security matters can take on more importance. It’s also a good time to become less self-oriented and focus more on giving or helping others.  


You can benefit from more alone time and getting better in tune with your inner self. After the 4th, you may be dealing with some unfinished business and relationships from your past. On the 9th, Mars enters your sign until April 21.  This cycle helps motivate you to move confidently in the direction of goals.  


You are probably functioning more in the emotional realm until the 13th. It would benefit you to connect on a deeper level with significant others. Your judgment and clarity when it comes to decisions can be clouded. Don’t miss important details. After the 13th, you are ready to take action and move in a new direction.  


Other people can use your wisdom, guidance and emotional support through the 13th. Much activity is highlighted, especially in your work or career life until the 9th. After the 9th, you move into a more favorable cycle for attracting more wealth or security in your life. Your friends and personal relationships take on more importance. 


Your adventuresome spirit can take you to distant places or lead you to explore new opportunities. Keep a handle on your expenses and be more cautious with financial decisions through the 13th. On the 9th, you can be seeking greater financial rewards in your career. It will require more flexibility and determination.  


Personal relationships are highlighted through the 13th. You can connect on a deeper level emotionally with significant others. There may also be someone that needs your help or support. On the 13th, you are ready to move forward in a new direction but could be too impulsive with decisions. Keep a handle on finances.  


Make sure to draw the line and keep boundaries with others. Your needs are equally important. Be willing to express your independence. On the 4th, you move into a period for more personal reflection.  It’s time to turn within and also deal with people or issues from the past. This theme continues until the middle of April. 


Work and accomplishing daily tasks is a major theme through the 9th. After the 9th, personal relationships take on more importance. You must also be willing to make some compromises. Be flexible and keep the peace with others. Your drive for more material success can be realized if you work with the right people.  


You remain in a positive cycle for creative self-expression and independence through the 9th. If you have been slacking off a bit at work or avoiding some important tasks, more work will be required from you after the 9th. Be careful making decisions until the 13th. After the 13th, you’re ready to move ahead. 


On the 9th, you can begin to move in the zone for achieving more financial and career success. It’s time to finish projects and remain determined. There may also be some unfinished matters related to the home or family after the 4th. Your creativity is on the rise through the 13th. Seek artistic outlets for expressing new ideas.  


Be more cautious with the handling of money or financial decisions until the 13th.  Things are not as they appear. On the 13th, your mind can move into overdrive with new ideas. Write them down. After the 9th, home or family matters may require you to make some changes. You can feel driven to create more security.


You are in your own element until the 13th for self-expression and connecting emotionally with significant others. Your creative and artistic side is also at a peak. After the 9th, your money-making ideas have merit and should be pursued. There are some powerful or influential people in your network who can open doors.