KBUU Newswire – Day 368 – Tuesday Nov 12 – LA Times Says It Took 20 Mins For 1st Truck To Hit Woolsey – Boeing Had Closed Its Fire Station And Sent Broken-Down Truck – City To Evaluate Woolsey Study – Destroying The Promenade To Save It

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    This is KBUU News – Day 368 – the Tuesday Headlines:

    • =  It took 20 minutes for the first fire truck to get to the Woolsey Fire when it broke out. 
    • =  And the L A Times says the nearest truck … operated by the Boeing Corporation … blew out its ancient radiator.
    • =  The city will look at 53 specific recommendations from the Woolsey Fire tonight.
    • =  Malibu doesn’t have enough money to study the sand problem at Surfrider Beach. 
    • =   And Stanley the Giraffe is illegally living in Malibu … he and the wine tours may have to go.


    Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … from Radio Malibu  …. F-M 99 point 1 K B U U. Good morning … I’m Hans Laetz reporting.


    A vehicle slammed into a power pole on a twisting mountain road above Malibu yesterday. 

    There was no fire … but power lines were knocked down. 

    The crash was at about 3:20 p.m. on Moonrise Drive near Midas Road … up near Saddle Peak. 

    Southern California Edison crews worked all night to repair the power lines. 


    Malibu has a list of 53 recommendations from its consultant … for changes as a result of the Woolsey Fire.  It will decide on them tonight. Details: ttps://www.radiomalibu.net/city-council-to-look-at-53-ideas/


    The cash-strapped City of Malibu does not have the quarter million dollars necessary to do a hydrological study of Malibu Lagoon and Surfrider Beach. Yet.  Details:  https://www.radiomalibu.net/city-needs-275000-to-study-sand/


    The Los Angeles Times reports today that response to the early stages of the Woolsey Fire was significantly delayed  …. because the Boeing Corporation has a fire truck that is so ancient it blew out its radiator and puttered to a stop.

    That caused a 20 minute delay in the arrival of the first fire truck to the flames … which intensified into a force that could not be stopped until it hit the ocean at Zuma Beach.  Details:  https://www.radiomalibu.net/latimes-reveals-boeing-downsized/  

    This editorial note: Like thousands of Malibu-area people and companies … KBUU’s parent company has sued Boeing and Southern California Edison for damages that the fire caused.

    Links to LA Times investigations:




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    The City of Santa Monica has approved the concept of destroying the Third Street Promenade  … in order to save it. 

    The Santa Monica Daily Press says the two-year rebuild of the street that could cost between $45 and $60 million and would not be able to begin until 2023 or 2024

    The redesign would add seating areas, event plazas, concession stands, stages and a dedicated zone for the Santa Monica Farmers Market

    There was consensus on some details — like the dinosaur topiaries need to stay.


    L A County zoning officials say Stanley the Giraffe is illegally living in the Malibu wine country … and the Saddlerock Ranch winery tours are illegal … too. 

    Inspectors with the County Department of Regional Planning say Saddlerock Ranch is prohibited from keeping its wild animals … the giraffe, zebras and camels … for commercial reasons.

    The animals are popular stars of the wine safari tours … a burgeoning tourist attraction just off Kanan-Dume Road. 

    The Los Angeles Daily News reports that zoning for the area does not allow for what’s going on up there.

    Charges about having wild animals without permits have already been filed by the D-A at the request of the L A Department of Animal Control.

    Five zoning violations have been written up. 

    The ranch has been hosting weddings and production wrap parties … and serving wine to customers without approval. 

    Its outdoor lighting violates the Coastal Permits. 

    Malibu Wine Safaris, the business at the ranch that gives tours that include stops to meet Stanley and others animals … has in recent weeks been promoting a new light display on its Instagram feed

    This story is based on reporting in the Los Angeles Daily News newspaper.


    Traffic … in 65 seconds … first … 


    Weather for the Malibu ….

    ((((    Clouds burning off to haze   )))) … highs  ((((  72   )))) beaches … ((((    84   )))) mountains and canyons. 

    Winds …  (((   will be ocer the mountains this morning but gentle … switching to off the ocean at up to 20  )))) miles per hour this afternoon.

    Sunset tonight is at   ((((   6 minutes before 5    )))).

    After that … (((  no fog   )))) tonight … low ((((  61   )))) beaches …  ((((   56  )))) mountains and canyons.

    Tomorrow should be   ((((   a bit cooler.   )))).

    Santa Ana winds are possible on Sunday 

    Right now here at the KBUU studios in Trancas … it’s  ((((       )))) degrees.

    Leo Carrillo beach … (((    ))).

    Paradise Cove … (((    ))).

    Big Rock … (((    ))).

    In upper Malibu Canyon … (((    ))).

    Calabasas … (((    ))).

    And Civic Center L-A … (((    ))).

    In the ocean … it’s ((((       )))) degrees in the water at Zuma Beach.

    Mo says the waves at Surfrider Beach today are   ((((    )))) feet high …. 


    Those are ((((  fair )))) surfing conditions …. according to Mo.

    (((((   High 8:33am 5.7ft

    Low 3:26pm -0.1ft

    High 9:40pm 4ft .))))


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