Webster Elementary recognizes ‘Relflections’ winners

Left photo: Intermediate winners: Front row from left, Olivia Barrett, Phoebe Little, Quinn Albert and Alexandra Plank; back row from left, Sofia Staedler, Natasha Rothenbucher, Abby Blackwood and Christian Pierce. Right photo: Primary winners: Front row from left: Gabriella Cano, Elie Lazar, Lana Damian, Olivia Plank, Fiona Delaney; back row from left: R.W. Allan, Matthew Marasli, Ashlyn Kunerth, Haley Fragen and Charlie Johnson. Photos by Patrick Sullivan

Webster Elementary School has announced its winners in this year’s National PTA Reflections Program, an arts recognition and achievement program for students. The theme was “I can make a difference by …,” and students were encouraged to express the theme through original writing, musical composition, photography, visual arts, dance choreography and film/video production. Some of the contestants will move on to compete at the district level.


Primary (K-2nd grade) Visual Arts

First Place: Serena Perl

Second Place: R.W. Allan

Third Place: Ashlyn Kunerth

Honorable mentions: Matthias Portzel, Michael Moss, Maya Harris, Lana Damian


First Place: Olivia Plank (moves on to be judged at the distr ict level)

Second Place: Harley Rader (moves on to be judged at the district level)

Third Place: Lana Damian

Honorable mentions: Ashley Wallach, Ryan Janov, Devin Harris, Shaya Shamsian


First Place: Gabriella Cano

Second Place: Matthew Marasli

Third Place: Elie Lazar

Honorable mentions: Matthew Marasli, Lucas Halperin

Film/Video Production

First Place: Fiona Delaney (moves on to be judged at the district level)

Second Place: Charlie Johnson


Visual Arts

First Place: Natasha Rothenbucher (moves on to be judged at the district level)

Second Place: Madison Marlow

Third Place: Alexandra Plank (moves on to be judged at the district level)

Honorable mentions: Phoebe Markiles, Devin Sarantinos

Gabriella Watkin


First Place: Abby Blackwood

Second Place: Christian Pierce

Third Place: Sofia Staedler

Honorable mentions: Olivia Plank, Rayna Ney, Hayley Fragen


First Place: Phoebe Little

Second Place: Natasha Rothenbucher

Third Place: Quinn Albert

Honorable mention: Justin Truschke, Natasha Rothenbucher


First place: Blake Sewell-Howell

Film/Video Production

First Place: Olivia Barrett (moves on to be judged at the district level)