Fire victims meet with local congressman

From left: Paul Grisanti, Cheryl Reynolds, Congressman Henry Waxman and Beverly Taki

Corral Canyon residents and fire victims Paul Grisanti and Cheryl Reynolds recently joined Operation Recovery Organizer Beverly Taki in a meeting with Congressman Henry Waxman, whose district includes Malibu, to discuss issues and concerns affecting those impacted by last year’s fires.

Waxman serves as chair of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. He said FEMA is one of the agencies currently under evaluation by the committee. Waxman agreed to ask some key questions to the FEMA officials in Washington. Additionally, he offered his staff to make inquires to FEMA on behalf of each community member who applied for assistance.

In order for Waxman’s office to make inquires regarding individual cases, residents need to complete a Privacy Release Form and submit it to their district office. Those wanting the congressman’s help and would like to receive a copy of this form should send an e-mail to or call Waxman’s local office at 310.652.3095.

Operation Recovery meets bimonthly for all community members who have been impacted by the recent fires. For more information, call 310.456.4843.