I have poised upon the edge

    Of slumbering giants wrapped in snow,

    and God-like from celestial ledge

    Scanned the valleys far below

    And felt the awesome pageantry

    Of winter’s silent, frozen grace,

    The mute, forbidding majesty

    Of white worlds ringed in azure space.

    And I have known the ecstasy

    Of scintillating, earth-bound flight.

    The iridescent symphony

    Of flashing snow in crystal light

    That sparkles in the shining air

    Like myriad sequins from my wake.

    Truant stardust hanging there

    Along the meteor track I make.

    And I have tasted heady draughts

    Of peril, coincident with speed.

    Inebriate! Borne on flying shafts

    And wild as any falcon, freed

    To soar alone, to turn and wheel

    Beyond the reach of mundane things.

    To break the bounds of earth and feel

    That I have wings! I have wings!

    Bill Dowey