Obituary: Evelyn Feigen Koss

Evelyn Feigen Koss

Evelyn Feigen Koss, remembered by her family as a beautiful woman and gentle soul, has passed away. She was a loving wife, mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother. 

Evelyn was born in 1925 in Los Angeles and lived there her entire life. Evelyn was the beloved wife of Marty Koss; the mother of Malibu Country Mart owner and Koss Financial CEO, Michael Koss; and grandmother of Zane Koss, owner of Malibu-based Tony’s Taverna and several other area restaurants.  

“Evelyn was the heart and centerpiece of our family,” said her grandson Max’s wife, Zeana, on behalf of the family. 

Referring to a note she had written to her grandmother, Zeana read: “Dear Granny Evie, while talking about you to a friend, I realized you are the only person I have ever known with a life that is a true success story. It has checked all of the boxes: beautiful, funny, clever, witty, generous, loving, wealthy, stylish, being loved and in-love with a man, traveled, long happy life, and children who adore you. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life; I have loved every bit of it, my children have loved every bit of it, and my husband has loved every bit of it.” 

The funeral services were held at Mount Sinai Memorial Park, Hollywood Hills.