City’s course has appeal


    I think it is about time that someone said “thank you” to our City Council for their stand on the Local Coastal Plan. Their recent decision to appeal the lower court ruling denying Malibu the right to vote on our own LCP was the right thing to do. The council has taken a lot of abuse lately from a vocal minority of citizens who, through some twisted logic, do not want the citizens of Malibu to have a voice in the development plans and zoning for their own city.

    Even though these, perhaps well intentioned people, are at City Council meetings loudly protesting the council’s action, we must all remember that in an amazingly short 10 day period more than 2600 Malibu voters signed a petition to request a referendum on our LCP. All we want to do is vote. The council has heard that cry and had the courage to follow their duty to listen to the will of the people and fight for that right. How can that be criticized? It should be applauded.

    It is unfortunate that there is a small group in this city that actually advocates taking away our vote because they feel they know better. That’s the way dictatorships are born.

    E. Barry Haldeman

    Californians for Local Coastal Planning