State Lifeguard Supervisor Aids in Kidnapping Rescue

John Regan

State Park Peace Officer Lifeguard Supervisor John Regan aided the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department in rescuing a kidnapped woman on Feb. 23. The location of where the victim was kidnapped from was unknown at press time. 

Over 40 detectives and sheriff’s deputies attempted to locate the victim on Feb. 22, but it was not until the morning of Feb. 23 that a VCSO helicopter was able to ping her cellphone and discover that she was with her abductor in an isolated area near Point Mugu, according to a social media post by the California State Lifeguards. 

Because no deputies were near the victim’s location at the time, the VCSO requested any available law enforcement personnel to assist. Reagan immediately took action, and was guided to the victim’s location by a sheriff helicopter. His timely intervention saved the victim from further harm, according to Ventura County Sheriff Commander Tim Hagel.

“The sheriff’s department deserves a ton of credit because it was a horrible crime,” Regan said.