Letter: Sandbag concerns

Letter to the Editor

I would like to share my concerns about the situation along the Broad Beach area of Malibu with your readers. Due to ongoing beach erosion, residents continue to install sandbags along areas that are not protected by the rock revetment. These sandbags deteriorate over time and leave scraps in both the sand and water. Besides being an eyesore, this refuse — most of which is plastic — is an environmental nightmare. The Broad Beach area is part of a Marine Protected Area that is directly in the path of whale migration. 

I have seen evidence of sandbag debris all along Zuma Beach and as far south as the eastern side of Point Dume. If these sandbags are legally permitted, those responsible for their placement should be required to maintain them to prevent deterioration and clean up the mess that has already occurred. If they are not legally approved, those responsible should be required to remove them immediately, clean up remaining scraps along the beach and pay whatever fines may be applicable.

James Ledner