Choose those who care


I have lived in Malibu for 22 years and for the last 10 years have been intimately involved with many important issues that affect the community. I was formerly chair of the Planning Commission and led the fight to defeat the Malibu Bay Company Development Agreement (Measure M) . I also worked very hard to defeat the City Council’s effort to extend term limits (Measure L).

I know all the individuals running for City Council and I encourage you to vote for Susan Tellem, Jefferson Wagner, and Pamela Conley Ulich.

Susan Tellem is a successful, strong-willed, independent business woman. She led the fight against overnight camping in our canyons and is deeply concerned about the health and safety of this community. She will bring a great deal of new energy to the City Council.

Jefferson Wagner is the epitome of Malibu. He has owned and operated a small retain surf shop in Malibu (Zuma Jay) for many years. He cares deeply about the ocean, traffic and maintaining the rural character of Malibu. He also fought very hard against overnight camping.

Pamela Conley Ulich has grown tremendously while serving on the City Council for the last four years. She is smart, hard-working and led the fight against overnight camping at the City Council level. One of her best qualities is that she is respectful and polite when listening to public testimony at City Council meetings. She understands and appreciates that the City Council works for the people of Malibu.

Susan, Jefferson and Pamela care deeply about this community and will be a credit to the City Council.

Richard Carrigan