Deserving of recognition


    On June 22, my friend’s son graduated from Malibu High at 2 p.m. All his friends and family were very proud of this wonderful 18-year-old achieving this milestone. However, there was one really big problem. Principal Mike Matthews wanted to be politically correct in this day and age. So he did not mention that my friend’s son was the West Coast champion in surfing for the Amateur Division and was ranked No. 2 nationally. Mr. Matthews’ theme for graduation was “not all kids fit into the same mold.”

    With the small number of graduates, every effort should have been made to identify as many students as possible with various kinds of achievements, whether it be acting, drama, sports of all kinds, etc. My friend’s father was quite angry that the accomplishments of his son were not mentioned at this wonderful time, on this great day, while all others were.

    Mr. Mike Matthews needs to apologize for this gross oversight in writing to the student and his parents.

    Marilynn C. Santman