The Malibu City Revenuers


    We need more city revenue,

    Our ruling minions cry!

    We have lots of bills and legal fees,

    That only money buys.

    Let’s zero in and ticket those

    Who park along the shore.

    The seniors and the walkers,

    And the Zuma Beach hardcores!

    It doesn’t matter if their cars

    Are parked away from traffic —

    The Law says “two wheels on the Road,”

    Or the tickets will look graphic!

    And if the sand blows over the road,

    And covers up the pavement —

    It’s still tough luck, they pay the bucks,

    And our coffers get the payment.

    What’s next, you ask, for Revenue?

    A home business license soon?

    Yes, there’s plenty more that’s coming,

    Before the next full moon.

    H. Emmett Finch