New year resolutions from Malibu

Kate O’Connor and Leah Cameron

When it comes to new year resolutions for 2010, it seems less is more. Whether by reducing calories, expenditures or aggravation, Malibuites are tending to dial back self-imposed goals for the New Year.

“I resolve to take on fewer responsibilities and spend more time with friends.”

Leah Cameron, a local student from Toronto

“I plan to keep better track of my finances by keeping a daily spread sheet of all expenditures.”

Kate O’Connor

“My resolution is to treat people better and show overall goodness to others this year.”

Marco Miller, at the Malibu Pier

“I resolve to put together some patents I’m working on and not drag my feet on it any longer.”

Miller’s buddy, Michael Carson

“I plan to not drink as much … after tonight [Dec. 31]”

Nic Zdunich, a visitor

Friends Katelyn Spearey and Heather Stevenson plan to “travel more,” though Stevenson said this would be accomplished by “not getting that engineering job this summer.” Mari Pitzel resolved to “volunteer my time more… maybe at hospitals.”

Michelle Oguynn, of the recently opened Malibu Outfitters on the pier, resolved to “slow down.”

Outfitters store manager, Karen Mitchell, said, “I’m not making a resolution this year. I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing.”

Brandon Witkow, relaxing with his son Matthew at the Malibu Country Mart, said, “I resolve to not always be checking my Blackberry.”

“Isn’t that a bit ambiguous?” Witkow’s friend, Karen Cranman, asked. “In that case, I resolve to procrastinate, well, less.”

Designer Stacey Johnson, 41 weeks pregnant, was unequivocal. “My resolution is to have this baby now. I was due on the 26th!”

Johnson’s friend, Peter Viles, said, “My resolution is to lose the four pounds I gained this last month. I guess there really can be too much chocolate.”

“I just finished reading ‘How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease,’ so my resolution is to stop using oil of any kind.”

Michael Wylie visiting daughter Kaitie O’Brien

“My resolution is to put oil on everything I eat.”

Kaitie O’Brien

“My resolution is to find romance. Maybe through the Internet. But I sure won’t start looking for it at my ex-wife’s house.”

Chris Austin

Lorne Hatchard, who works in sales of zero-emission motor scooters at has resolved “to work out bigger, stronger and faster.”

Kathryn Esche has resolved “to give up sugar and dairy,” even though she was hanging out in front of Starbucks. “This is absolutely my last chai latte,” she promised.

Esche’s friend, Susan Nuttall, clutched a coffee and her Chihuahua, Raydar. “I am giving up on love,” she said. “Except the four-legged kind.”

“I am giving up drama and chaos for the new year.”

Jim Huffman

“My resolution is to fall in love”

Huffman’s buddy, Aaron Knight

Mayor Sharon Barovsky said that at her age it is “silly” to make any kind of commitment. “I don’t even buy green bananas any more. But I am resolved to being the very best person I can be this year.”

“As a city councilmember, my resolution is that no more new lawsuits will be filed. Although I guess that [City Attorney] Christi Hogin wouldn’t like that so much.

Jefferson Wagner, Mayor Pro Tem

“I resolve to compost more. That and to live with more aloha.”

Pamela Conley Ulich, Council member