Segel speaks back

A few weeks ago, you wrote an editorial about — terrible “rats” like Kazan who betray their friends. Conversely to “ratting,” I filed a motion in court to help protect people like myself and others who believe in informing the public, rather than informing on them. The information is about the connection between development and traffic in Malibu.

I have nothing to gain. No profit, no business, no political office. There are those who would profit from Malibu’s insupportable growth as a destination resort with huge shopping centers and overwhelming traffic, which would choke P.C.H. to its dying gasp. Every day would be like a July 4th traffic weekend. It is unlikely that any negotiation could change that fact.

The first amendment to the United States Constitution protects the placing of ads about information on such issues. It is a constitutional right and the people who support it are entitled to privacy and to freedom from persecution and intimidation.

I try to be consistent in my deep seated beliefs in life. This appears to be the journalistic principle followed by your competition, the Malibu Surfside News, which is why the Malibu Citizens for Less Traffic on P.C.H., advertised in that paper only.

You also recently castigated Kenneth Starr. However, you are silent on the tactics of this Malibu investigation which has the same aura of agenda and vendetta.

In all of this time, one year now, no one has ever asked me for any information about the issues. They tried only recently, instead, to compel me by subpoena to give them information that they are not legally entitled to. No one from the state and the Malibu City Attorney’s office (investigating as a team with the inevitable influences of bias), nor your newspaper, has ever asked me one question about the truth since this investigation began. Instead they have knocked on doors at night, flashing badges, frightening people. Voluntarily, I would have been glad to discuss the issues. No one can improperly use the law to coerce cooperation. They are not legally entitled to do that.

Arnold, you have never talked to me so I am curious to know where you got your information. In good conscience, pending legal matters are best left for the courts, without anyone casting predetermined judgments. I choose not to cast doubts on your ethics. I am sorry that you have chosen to cast doubts on mine.

Gilbert N. Segel

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