Coastal Commission considering changes to city’s LCP


The California Coastal Commission will consider allowing changes to the City of Malibu’s Local Coastal Program, as requested by the city, at its Feb. 8 meeting in Redondo Beach. The city is requesting amendments to the Land Use Plan and the Local Implementation Plan parts of its LCP. 

The change to the LUP would allow an increase in maximum floor area ratio (FAR) from .15 to .20 for land designated as “institutional” in projects that would provide public benefit. This would apply to public institutions like schools, libraries and fire stations. 

The amendment to the LIP would alter the definitions and development standards for institutional zones. 

A public hearing regarding the amendments will also take place at the commission meeting. As per the Coastal Act and California Code of Regulations, any amendment to a city’s LCP that includes changes to the LUP and LIP requires a public hearing. 

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