Letter: Reinforcing Our Commitment to Leave

Letter to the Editor

In response to a video emailed to the Malibu community from the SMMUSD on Tuesday, Aug. 17

I was disheartened and very disappointed to read of the email which was sent from the SMMUSD district office on Aug. 17, 2021.

The video presentation was inaccurate and loaded with propaganda. I feel that the SMMUSD overstepped its authority, and possibly their SMMUSD board policy, by using their database of parent/student contact information for the purposes of sending such propaganda to “parents, guardians, staff and community members.” I am even more disappointed if the SMMUSD paid for the production of the video with public funds. The video reinforces my commitment to the separation of Malibu schools from Santa Monica schools. As a resident of Malibu since 1981 and taxpayer in Malibu, I emphatically support separation creating the two separate school districts of Malibu and Santa Monica.

Steven Ravaglioli