Wetlands work complete at Malibu Lagoon

Workers at the Malibu Lagoon Project site continue building a "Winter Walk," a winding walkway that will allow visitors access to the lagoon at water level.

State workers finished construction on the wetlands part of the Malibu Lagoon on Tuesday, one day ahead of schedule, according to Angeles district superintendent Craig Sap.

The State Parks Department was given until Oct. 31 to complete work in the wetlands region, and as of 1 p.m. Tuesday, workers had removed a turbidity curtain from the lagoon and completed the wetlands portion of the project, Sap said. On Thursday of last week, workers finished completely removing a berm between the main channel of Malibu Creek and the lagoon. 

Next, work continues on the non-wetlands area of the lagoon, including seating areas for visitors and paths along the lagoon.

A “Winter Walk”—a winding walkway—is being constructed on the western side of the lagoon designed to allow visitors to walk next to the lagoon at water level. Sap said the planks for that walkway should be installed next week. The walkway is expected to be completed sometime in December. Workers will do some additional planting as well, above the 9-foot water level of the lagoon. 

State Parks’ ongoing Malibu Lagoon Project intends to dredge and reshape the lagoon with the goal of improving water flow and water quality. The project is expected to be completed in December. 

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