Letter: Wonderful Times

Letter to the Editor

I take pen in hand to write a letter to the editor to say thank you to Arnold and Karen York for their wonderful newspaper, The Malibu Times! For 34 years I have read the paper cover to cover every week. The paper is a positive influence on everyone in Malibu and surrounding areas. We are and have been so lucky. With that having been said, we are leaving our wonderful paradise, Malibu Meadows in the Monte Nido area, to be close to our kids. We have sold our home and are headed to Northern California to live in Willits. (Hopefully they have a local newspaper.) 

We would like to say goodbye to all of our friends in the area. Of special mention are our friends from the local Starbucks on Cross Creek. Every Saturday and Sunday for many years we all gathered to share a cup of Joe… Arnold and Frank were the leaders of the pack, next Darlene and of course my lovely Lady Liz and me. Wonderful times together. To our great baristas, really our dear friends, Kousha, Mike, Dawn and Jeff. To our Malibu Meadows neighbors and friends, Randy and Debbie, Bill and Susan, Rosemary, John and Jane, Nick and Tree, Marti and Manny, Arla and Chris, Mark and Lisa, David and Bella, Roger and Marilyn, Keith, Wayne, Graham, and our puppy friends, Brooklyn, Kuma, and Katie… sadly, we say a heartfelt goodbye to all of you.

And to the paradise of Malibu, we will sure miss you. The beautiful beaches, the sky so blue (and foggy), the light breeze, temperate weather and, of course, all the wonderful people that make Malibu, Malibu.

 So long, all, we will miss you!

Daryl and Liz Lev