Consider concerns


If you ask several people if they like rain or not, you will get different answers. Opinions are always based on how it affects the person being asked. The families that support the lights have children. It would be natural they want their kids to play sports. It takes a rare individual to consider the feelings of what it is to live in a community and have the impact that this will have on the community of Malibu. These supporters of lights are not the Malibu Park neighbor that will have views impacted, hear noise, experience pollution, traffic jams, large crowds and devaluation of property. Retractable (hydraulic lights) sounded like a good compromise to me. The kids could have their sport and the due respect to a community neighborhood. All the supporters of lights should think about where they live, what they enjoy about their home and how they would feel about this coming to their backyard. Malibu Park had homes long before the high school. The kids were bused to Santa Monica for high school, which is located in an area appropriate for lights.

Linda Gould