Cultural Arts Commission to Discuss Surfboard Exhibit

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The Malibu Cultural Arts Commission (CAC) will be presenting details of its first public art event, a display of surfboard art at the Malibu Civic Theater, at its meeting this evening, Tuesday, March 24, at 6:30 p.m. at Malibu City Hall.

According to the meeting agenda, the CAC’s ad-hoc committee will have met with the chosen curator, local surfshop owner and former Malibu councilmember Jefferson Wagner, earlier to hammer out details for the exhibit such as its duration, size and theme.

Other items on the committee’s list include the possibility of a limit on submissions per person, restrictions on board sizes, selection criteria, recognition of contributors, signage and securing the exhibits.

The CAC, which meets the fourth Tuesday of every month, will go on to finalize the decisions made by the committee and move them toward action.

There is no schedule for when the Cultural Arts Commission will begin taking submissions.