Thanksgiving’s Coming


    Thanksgiving is a special time,

    A special time of year —

    When gratefulness and awareness

    Are close and very near.

    There’s joy in those that love us,

    Our relative’s and friends.

    There’s love and happiness that shows,

    From other’s without end.

    There is Nature, and the Sun and Stars,

    Which are companions too.

    There are creatures, pets,

    And some we’ve met,

    Which give affection due.

    From the smallest of the Giving,

    To the great of outer form —

    There’s much to be thankful for,

    Like even being born

    The sunlight of the bright clear days,

    And then the clouds and rain —

    Provide the needed changes

    For gratefulness to claim.

    And all around us, is so much,

    To appreciate and feel —

    That Thankfulness is a form of Love,

    That reveals the right appeal.

    The Celebration of Thanksgiving,

    Is reflective in each day —

    Where Thankfulness, and Love, and Joy,

    Brings Happiness our way.

    H. Emmett Finch